Corvallis Montana

A great place to live or to visit! Corvallis, as its name suggests, is “the heart of the Bitterroot Valley.” Visit its historic buildings, drive or
bike its rural roads, explore the river as it
flows through the area…..for a taste of life
in the valley as it was and as it is.

The annual American Legion Memorial
Day Parade
is a not-to-be-missed event in Corvallis. The parade was first organized by returning World War I veterans and has
continued since to honor men and women
who have died in our nation’s service. This
is a wonderful event for people of all ages.
It is preceded by a pancake breakfast, followed by a carnival, and draws people from all over
the valley.

The Corvallis community is shaped by its volunteer organizations. The Corvallis School District is governed by the elected volunteer Corvallis School Board. Through donations,
the volunteer Corvallis Schools Foundation supports programs that enrich and enhance
the academic programs of the school district.
In 2007, an
all-weather track, football field,
soccer fields, and playground were completed

on school district property through the fundraising efforts of community members who formed the Corvallis Community Events Center Foundation. The Corvallis Volunteer Fire Department offers first class service to Corvallis and recently constructed a new fire hall and meeting room along the Woodside Cut-Off Road.

The volunteer Corvallis Civic Club has spearheaded a number of community improvement projects in recent years. These include: community/school tennis courts; a pedestrian/bike path between Corvallis and Woodside; benches and tree plantings on Main Street; ‘Welcome to Corvallis’ signs; and a pedestrian bridge over the Corvallis Canal. The group, which meets monthly, is currently working to extend pedestrian paths along Willow Creek Road. The American Legion Post 91 also meets each month in Corvallis.
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History of Corvallis Montana
Corvallis was one of the first settlements in
the valley. Some of the Bitterroot’s most
fertile soils are located in the Corvallis area
and the community has a long agricultural history, which continues to this day. Corvallis
is home to the Western Montana Agricultural Research Experiment Station. Numerous historic farmhouses along the Eastside
Highway and along back roads attest to the area’s history, as do many buildings in the
town area of Corvallis. Memories Café
occupies a building built in 1881 as the first protestant church in the valley. The 1894 Methodist Church is now the Bell Tower
Quilt Shop. The Brooks gift store occupies
the former Brooks Hotel, ordered from a
catalog and constructed in 1894! Bays
Hardware on Main Street preserves the look
and experience of a small-town hardware store.

The Brooks in Corvallis MontanaThe Brooks
Chaffin homestead at The Teller

A wagon train brought Elijah and Margaret Chaffin
to the Corvallis area in 1864. The Chaffin homestead is now part of The Teller, a private wildlife refuge, which offers lodging in the historic
Chaffin and Slack houses. In 1871, a post office was established in Corvallis and the  town site was platted in 1879. Corvallis has grown along with the rest of the valley (the population of the Corvallis School District was estimated in 2005 at more than 6,500), but remains an unincorporated community.

In 1867, the first public school in what was then Missoula County was opened and Corvallis officially became School District No.1, a designation it still carries on Ravalli County records. Most residents would agree that the Corvallis community, in many ways, is centered around and defined by its schools. The Corvallis School District currently educates approximately 1,350 students in kindergarten through 12th grade and is the second largest school district in the county. The Corvallis Schools have a well-deserved reputation for excellence and progressive, child-centered educational programs. The U.S. Department of Education awarded Corvallis Middle School recognition as a Blue Ribbon School
in 2002.

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