Florence Montana

The American Legion sponsors a north valley baseball team called the Bitterroot Bucs. The Florence Park is one of the nicest in the valley,
with lots of room for baseball, softball, soccer
and tennis. A new addition to the park is Hideout Mountain, a playground with many surprises! Florence hosts a Renaissance Fair every other summer and also has a Harvest Festival in the fall. Both events are locally sponsored and help develop a sense of community.

Florence Civic Club, meets the first Tuesday of the month, 7 pm at the Fire Dept. PO Box 1449 Florence, Mt 59833 Contact Ann Bethea 406-403-6491

If you like walking, biking or riding; Florence has great trails. Along Highway 93 you can go north to Lolo onto Chief Looking Glass Campground
(on the Bitterroot River) or you can go south to Stevensville Bass Creek Campground or Poker Joe River Access - bicycling is encouraged! The Doug Vulcan trail runs from Florence to the Bitterroot River where Fish, Wildlife & Parks maintains river access. On the west side of the Bitterroot River, you can follow the Lewis and Clark trail where Capt. Clark and his men returned from Oregon in 1806.
Contact: Ann Bethea abethea17@gmail.com


Views outside Florence Montana
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Things to do in Florence Montana

Activities offered are: Bicycling, Big Game, Bird Watching, Bird Hunting, Bow Hunting, Deer Hunting and Camping. Threemile Wildlife Management area is located 9 miles east of Florence.

Threemile wildlife management area encompasses 6,050 acres. The area may be accessed by two-wheel
drive vehicles between May 15 and December 1. The area lends itself to mountain biking in the summer - motorcycles and ATV’s are not permitted in this area. The primary goal is to provide winter range for elk and compatible receational opportunities for the public.

Threemile provides a mixture of motorized access and walk-in hunting opportunities for elk, mule
deer, grouse and black bear. Regulations for hunting district 204 apply to Threemile.

Few elk inhabit this area during the summer months, but are often observed nonetheless. Most likely are songbirds and raptors.

Elk in Threemile Wildlife Management Florence Montana
History of Florence Montana
Its earlier settlers called the town ‘One Horse’ for the little creek that drains through it from the Bitterroot Mountains. In 1880, the town was renamed Florence for the wife of A.B. Hammond. Mr. Hammond was instrumental in opening the Bitterroot Valley for lumbering, and brought the railroad to the Bitterroot to transport timber. He

set up a sawmill in the center of one of the Bitterroot’s best logging areas, and this site  became the town of Florence in 1888. There was a town to the north called Carlton, which merged with Florence, thus the school name of Florence Carlton. Around the turn of the century, Florence had a post office, railroad depot, hotel, Catholic and Disciple Churches, I.O.O.F. Hall, blacksmith shop, livery stable, school, several stores, a small creamery and, of course, saloons.

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