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Welcome to Victor - Located in the beautiful Bitterroot Valley. The 100 square mile unincorporated town has a population of about 2,500. Victor is nestled between the Bitterroot Mountain Range, the Bitterroot River and the Sapphire Mountain Range. This positions the community of Victor for some
of the most breath-taking panoramic views in this valley. The warmth and charm of Victor provides you with small community traditions and the ability to experience nature out your back door. With mountain corridors and a river close by, there is an abundance of wildlife and fowl. You’re also just minutes away from a labyrinth, corn maze, float trip down the Bitterroot River, hike or horseback ride from one of the many trailheads. You can unwind at one of Victor’s vacation rentals, lodges or Bed and Breakfasts. Enjoy fantastic dining at Victor’s restaurants - known to be some of
the Valley’s best! For larger groups, choose from one of the privately owned event destination centers - each having a unique landscape and charm.

  Victor Heritage Museum Montana

Victor's Hertiage Museu

Blue Star Memorial Victor Montana

Blue Star Memorial Park
Downtown Victor Montana
Annual Events in Victor Montana

The town has a variety of businesses, with over 120 small businesses spread throughout the community. Victor’s school has over 300 students from K-12, including the new Mary Stuart Rogers Performing Arts Center with a capacity of 270. This new venue, with state-of-the-art equipment was opened in 2009.
Like most small Montana rural communities, Victor is close knit, helping and enjoying the town they live in. Events such as Victor Heritage Museum Annual Chocolate Tasting (the fist Monday in December) or the Victor Senior Center's Valentine Dinner with live music, Victor Civic Club's Halloween Boo-Bash, show how this community takes pride in their town!

Victor Chocolate Tasting - first Monday in December
This is a unique community celebration - if you love chocolate, you will not want to miss this! Victor Museum hosts this annual event and it also includes an auction. You will find a huge variety of chocolate goodies for everyone in the family. don't miss this one!

History of Victor Montana

Cheif VictorTimbered Bitterroot Mountains to the
west and meadows with tall grasses flowing in the breeze. Bitterroots, camas, bulbs
and other native crops scattered along the foothills; cold, crisp mountain streams finding their way to the river. Visualize
numerous Salish sweat lodges along Sweat House Creek . . . Salish campsights arranged in a circle on Indian Prairie Loop and Chief Victor Camp Road are just a few locations
where the Salish tribe used to camp and

The people of the Red Willow (the Salish), a nomadic tribe, occupied the Bitterroot Valley, including Victor, before the earliest trappers and explorers came. Plenty of Horses christened as Victor, was chosen as chief of the Salish tribe. Chief Victor died in the summer of 1870 on a hunt near Three Buttes in eastern Montana.

In the mid-1860’s, A. Sterne Blake and his Shoshone wife came to the valley and were among the original founders of Victor. Mr. Blake was also the first elected State Legislator from Missoula County, which at that time Victor was a part of. Founding of the townsite, originally named Garfield after President James A. Garfield, was August 20, 1881. It was later discovered when applying for a post office destination for the town, the name ‘Garfield’ had already been taken. The name Victor was made official December 12, 1881. Shortly after, Victor experienced the railroad and silver mining boom
along with prosperity in lumber and agriculture. For more information on the Victor community visit us at

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